Parrot is a French company, founded all the way back in 1994, by Henri Seydoux Christine De Tourvel & Jean-Pierre Talvar. Although in their root of foundations they specialized in technologies far removed from their drone offerings today, the burst on to the UAV scene in January 2010 with the Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter, laying some foundations for the commercial consumer boom in the years that followed up until now. Their release of the Parrot Bebop in late 2014, was named by some as the best budget drone in it’s price range and was one of the first manufacturers to feature an embedded high resolution camera directly into the drones design, without the need for an additional gimbal and camera attachment. They also released the “SkyController” which was an additional add-on which allowed the drone a boost in range of up to 2km from the user, but also a VR-like headset which could be worn and the view of the cameras drone displayed directly in front of your eyes in a headset.

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